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Then, I’ll help you with online Bingo and choosing the right casino.
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1: What is Bingo and How Did People Discover It?

2: How to Play Bingo

3: Understand all the Terms

4: How to Ace a Bingo Game

5: Benefits of Playing Online Bingo

6: TV Bingo


1: What is Bingo and How Did People Discover it?

This chapter explains what Bingo is and how to play it
We will also go briefly through the most important moments in history of Bingo.

Then, in later chapters we will some great tips and techniques

Bingo, also called Lotto, is a game of chance using cards with grids of numbers. Numbers are randomly pulled and called out by a “banker”.

To play bingo, people purchase one or more cards divided into numbered and blank squares. The first player that achieves a card (or a line) in which all of the numbers have called out can shout “bingo” and then takes the entire stake money.

In another popular variation, the central square on the card is free, and the player who first has five of the called numbers in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) will be the winner. The prize (jackpot) may amount to thousands of dollars.

Bingo is a very popular game that is played throughout the world, by all classes of people. It is so popular because it can be played both for cash and for prizes.

Generally, bingo games are won when the player matches numbers on their card with ones randomly drawn by a caller. A pattern on numbers needs to be found and the first person who finds it on their card yells “Bingo”. Then their cards are checked and a prize or cash is awarded.
The game is interesting and engaging as people need to follow the numbers throughout the whole game. Many find it extremely fun to play and great for socializing.

What are the Beginnings of Bingo?

The game existed from 1530 as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” (Italian lottery) which is still played every Saturday in Italy.

From Italy the game was introduced to France in the late 1770s, where it was called “Le Lotto”, and it was played among wealthy Frenchmen. The Germans also played a version of the game in the 1800s, but they used it as a child’s game to help students learn math, spelling and history.

In the U.S., bingo was originally called “beano”. It was a country fair game where a dealer would select numbered discs from a cigar box and players would mark their cards with beans. They yelled “beano” if they won.
When the game came to North America in 1929, it became known as “beano”. At a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia the game was first played when New York toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe renamed it “bingo” after he overheard someone accidentally yell “bingo” instead of “beano”.

He even hired a mathematician Carl Leffler to help him increase the number of combinations in bingo cards. By 1930, Leffler had invented 6,000 different bingo cards.

These combinations were developed so that there would be fewer non-repeating groups and conflicts when more than one person got Bingo at the same time.

Bingo has been also played in churches. A Catholic priest from Pennsylvania wanted to use it for raising church funds. When bingo started being played in churches it became very popular. A good thing is that if the game is hosted by churches and non-profit organizations to raise funds, it is completely legal everywhere and allowed by states in which gambling is generally banned. Bingo is legal in most U.S. states that prohibit other forms of gambling. It is permitted in Ireland when the profits are for charity; and it is closely regulated in the United Kingdom, where lotto halls were subjected to a tax in 1966.

Bingo is played in many casinos. Today, more than $90 million dollars are spent on bingo each week in North America alone.

Bingo is very popular in nursing facilities and retirement homes, played for recreational therapy and socialization. A great thing about it is that people can win small prizes. So, you can see that Bingo is played by all social classes and by people of different age.

2: How to Play Bingo

Now you will see simple steps to starting a Bingo game
Then I will help you understand all the rules.

FIRST, you need to buy a card and get familiar with the scorecard. The goal is to cover five squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. You can print off scorecards online, order them online, or buy them at a hobby store or at supermarkets that have gaming sections. You can buy one card but you can also buy a few and play with several cards at once.

SECOND you will want to learn how the letter-number combinations work. There are 75 balls with either a B, I, N, G, or O on them as well as a number. If you hear that a number that you have on your card is called out, you can cover that space with a chip or you can cross it with a pen.

THIRD, if you are playing at home, then you would want to choose a person who will call out the numbers – the “banker”. In casinos, this person is chosen among the staff. The banker selects balls that have numbers and letters written on them. He or she calls the number-letter combination to the players. This person does not participate in the game.

FOURTH, each player should have at least one card. A good thing is that you can also play with multiple cards at the same time. It makes the game even more engaging for you and it increases the chances of winning. Instead of using chips, you can also use a dauber, which is essentially small, plastic bottle that is filled with translucent ink and has a sponge tip. These can last through several games without needing to be refilled.

FIFTH, if you are playing at home, you can purchase a spinner from a toy or game store. This is great if you would like to organize bingo game sessions in your home to play it with friends. The caller should select a ball without looking at the bucket.


The game of Bingo is extremely easy to learn, since the rules are easy to comprehend. It does not matter whether you are playing online or in a casino, because rules are practically the same and simple to follow.
You have the following rules for the game:
⦁ One Line: Mark off a full horizontal line of numbers
⦁ Two Lines: Daub two full horizontal lines of numbers
⦁ Full House: Mark off all numbers

What is really great about this game is that you can play with multiple cards, as many as you wish. However, when you play in land-based bingo hall, you may be somewhat limited to finding the numbers as quickly as needed, while in the online game, the software automatically marks the called-out numbers for you. You can see many experiences players in casinos who use multiple cards and who have become fairly skillful with finding their numbers quickly.

3: Understand all the Terms

Here I will lead you through the most important terms in Bingo
You will get acquainted with any term used in Bingo
Perhaps you might want to get acquainted with terminology of a Bingo game. This terms are used throughout the game and although the knowledge of them does not affect your chance of winning or your gameplay, it may be interesting to know them, especially when playing with other players.

Being Ready – This means that a player needs only one number in order to complete the Bingo pattern.
Breaking the Bubble – The bubble is the minimum number of balls required to complete the Bingo pattern.
Jumping the Gun – A person who calls bingo before really having a valid bingo. Most frequently, someone calls bingo using the next number in the screen before it has been called.
Wild numbers – Many bingo halls will have certain games with a wild number. Wild numbers allow bingo players to start with multiple called numbers. Typically the first ball drawn is the determining factor.
Standard – All numbers ending with the second digit of the first number. Example: First ball is 22. All numbers ending in a 2 including B2 is considered a called number.
Forwards/backwards – All numbers beginning or ending with the wild number. Example: First ball is 22. All numbers beginning or ending with a 2 is considered a called number. If the first ball ends with an 8, 9 or 0, another number may be drawn as there are no numbers starting with a 8 or 9 and only 9 numbers starting with a zero. Some halls will also redraw a number ending with a 7 as there are only 5 numbers beginning with a 7.
Falsie – This is the term used for the situation when someone calls bingo but is mistaken. This could happen by mishearing the caller. Another term used for this is a “bongo”.

4: How to Ace a Bingo Game

In this chapter I will explain how you can be better in Bingo
I will show you some useful strategies and techniques
After this you will be great in Bingo!

It is very likely that you have experienced or that you will experience a losing streak in Bingo, just like in many other games.

Basically, in many games, players tend to get frustrated when they are losing. This can affect their decisions. You should try to not be affected by previous losses. It is especially important to not let your bankroll get affected. When you are on a losing streak, you may get the urge to increase the amount of money that you are investing in the game. This game is mostly about luck, so sometimes it is best to pause for a while and come back when you are not so affected and frustrated by the losses.

Since this game is a social game, it is good to talk to other players especially when you are frustrated by the losses. When playing online, you will have an option to chat with other players in the online bingo chat room. People can thus lift your spirits and help you to feel relaxed again.

Even better, you can take part in bingo chat games and thus increase your chances of snatching a prize! Generally, chat rooms offer various games and bonuses for the players and this cannot be found in casinos.
On the other hand, you can consider other options as well if you are really into winning at online bingo.

For example, you can play games that have fewer players because in this way you can increase your chances of winning. It may be a good idea to play late at night or in times when usually there are no a lot of players.
Furthermore, to increase your chances of winning, you can buy more cards. However, be mindful that in this way you can damage your bankroll. So, try to balance these two wisely.

On the other hand, there are certain strategies you can follow in this game. It is important to realize that this game is all about luck and not about skills. However, there are indeed some strategies that some people apply to increase their chances of winning.

Granville’s bingo strategy

One of the most popular strategies in Bingo is the Granville strategy. It has even been adopted by stock market analysis specialists to predict the movement of prices. Granville’s bingo theory is based on some basic bingo bard check rules and it is useful for increasing the winning chances.
Joseph E. Granville, a mathematical analyst, came to a conclusion that every Bingo game has specific game patterns. By using these game patterns, you can increase your chances of winning.

As you know, the only thing that depends upon the player is the selection of cards. Granville based his strategy on finding the right card. He even discovered that increasing your winning chances does not really lie in buying more cards, but rather in playing fewer cards.

According to Granville, the clue to beating the odds is in the understanding the word “accidental” (random), which applies to the way the balls are taken from a machine or a container. Each container bas balls numbers 1 to 75.

At the beginning of the game the probabilities of each ball coming out of the machine are equal, 1/75 – this is called the uniform distribution. Now this is where you can apply the Law of Probability.
• There is the same amount of balls that end in 1’s, 3’s, 4’s and so on.
• There is an equal number of even and odd balls.
• There is a balance between high and low numbers.

These are 3 basic characteristics of the accidental outcomes. If the distribution is made according to this pattern, it is not accidental.
Basically, if you watch on first 10 numbers which are pulled out from the machine, you can notice an interesting pattern. Practically all of the time, the first 10 balls are almost always with different last number.
As most of the games are usually last for 10-12 calls or even less, you will improve your winning chances by choosing the cards with different last numbers.

This law derives from simple law of probability and can be explained by an example. If the first called number is I-21, the probability of the next ball being the number that ends with 1 decreases, and the concentration of other numbers increases. The following number is G-54 and it decreases the probability of the next ball ending in 1 and 4. The actual probability of first ten balls ending in different numbers is around 60%, thus after the 7th ball, there’s a big chance the numbers will double endings.

Another, less adopted strategy is the Tippet’s Strategy. It was invented by British statistician Tippett. After much analysis on statistics and probabilities, Tippett suggested that the longer a game of 75-ball is, the more likely that the bingo balls drawn are close to the medium number of 37. If the game lasts shorter, it is more likely for the numbers to be drawn closer to the number 1 and 75.

If you would like to follow the Tippett Bingo strategy, then you need to
⦁ pick bingo cards with numbers closer to 1 and 75 if you are playing short games of bingo
⦁ pick bingo cards with numbers closer to the number 38 if you are playing longer games, such as blackout bingo

Many people would say that Bingo cannot have any strategies, since it is a game of luck and you cannot know what the next number will be, but mathematicians can indeed calculate possibilities in this game and perhaps increase the chance of winning.

5: Benefits of Playing Online Bingo

In this chapter I will tell you why playing Bingo makes you relaxed
You will hear all about advantages of playing online
Then you will find the best online bingo casinos.

Bingo is now very frequently played online and it is very entertaining and fun to play it from the comfort of your home.

Although this is competitive game, many bingo players agree that they play this game for the social experience and not just winning the money.
Playing bingo considerably reduces stress. Many people enjoy relaxing with this game. Bingo is quite simple and you do not need to think a lot, so it is very relaxing. Playing it online is a great form of distraction.

Another great benefit of playing bingo generally and online is the fact that you can socialize with other players. It is an excellent way to meet and make new friends.

Another good thing is that playing free online bingo games can also increase your chances of winning, since like this you can get acquainted with the game more thoroughly and these free games come with big prizes.
Furthermore, you can go after jackpot or progressive jackpot bingo games. You can try and play a few of these games and if you win you will get a lot of money.

The rise of online bingo sites has brought a lot of advantages for bingo players, especially for those who wish to play from home. A lot of people don’t really have the time to adapt to the schedules of bingo hours. This is why it is great to play online since you can play online bingo 24/7 without any time restrictions.

You also don’t need to watch for the bingo numbers being called out. You can be away from your computer, since it is all automatic.

Another great benefit of playing bingo online is that there are tons of bonuses. Majority of online bingo sites offer a welcome bonus when a new player signs up. Sometimes, bingo sites offer a number of days free play with the opportunity of winning real money and you cannot find this kind of bonuses at bingo halls.

Principle of playing online bingo is very similar to the casino game but the exception is that a computer is calling out the numbers and the game is fast-paced and exciting. You don’t have to mark off the cards yourself but the bingo site can auto-daub your cards.

Bingo sites have a big choice of different rooms with different types of bingo games and prizes. You can choose the room based on your preferences and bankroll.

For example, you have different types of bingo games online.
• 75 Ball Bingo: 24 numbers are laid out in a square with a free blank square in the middle. Prizes are awarded for completing lines or making set patterns on the bingo ticket, depending on the game.
• 80 Ball Bingo: 16 numbers are laid out in a square. Various prizes are up for grabs based on completing lines.
• 90 Ball Bingo: 15 numbers are laid out over 3 rows with 5 numbers per row. Prizes available are for completing 1 line, 2 lines and a full house.
Some bingo sites run rooms with mixed games that alternate between variants while others only offer one type of bingo game.

When you choose a bingo room, you need to buy bingo cards. You can decide on how many cards you will buy and it depends on your bankroll. You can buy one or you can buy as many as you like. However, some rooms have limits of how many cards can be bought.

After you have bought your cards, you just have to wait for the game to kick off. In the meantime, before and during the bingo game you can chat with other bingo players in chat rooms.

Many of these bingo chat rooms come with a chat moderator who runs special competitions with millions of prizes that you can snatch.
When the game starts, the bingo balls are selected using a Random Number Generator. This is software used in online casinos. Random Number Generator guarantees fair play and randomness.

If your bingo ticket contains any of the numbers which are being called out, the software will automatically mark those numbers for you. It will also inform you of how many numbers you have left before winning a prize.
Numbers are continuously generated until a player wins the prize. Then more numbers are then called out until the next prize is won, and so on.
If more than one bingo player wins at the same time, then the prize is shared between them.

Some bingo games come with a special jackpot that pays out if you complete your bingo card in a specified number of bingo balls.
A great thing is that the jackpots are in addition to the regular prize for the game, so you can expect a nice sum.

As already mentioned, the rules of playing online bingo, although similar, actually differ from casino to casino. Online bingo sites have their own set of rules. Accordingly, when you are joining an online bingo room, you should get acquainted with the rules and terms and conditions.
These rules can affect your gameplay and thus your winning chances. You need to know the rules so that you can adjust to the casino principles. It is said that many bingo player lose their money because they are not familiar with the rules of the bingo room and the game.

You may want to click the Auto-Daub option so the numbers that are called out get automatically marked for you. This way you can also focus on the community games or the social chat.

You can take a look at these online Bingo Casinos. You simply need to chose the casino you believe meets your preferences, sign up and read the terms and conditions.
Bingo Mania
Jackpot Bingo
Bingo Workz
Zany Bingo
Bonkers 4 Bingo
Bingo Hall
Online Bingo
Saturn Bingo
Cashmill Bingo
Tiki Bingo
Kiwi Bingo

6: TV Bingo

This chapter is for those who enjoy playing Bingo in front of their TV
You can read about benefits of playing this Bingo
We should not forget playing bingo in front of the TV screens. Today, there are still many elderly people who are not so much acquainted with playing games online. On the other hand, some people simply enjoy watching a TV bingo show since it is also quite entertaining and it can also be played with friends and family.

A benefit of watching a TV bingo show is that the numbers that were called out are also shown on the screen the whole time. You just need to buy your bingo card and wait for the show to start. Many people enjoy playing bingo in this way and they find it entertaining if they play with friends and family.
Furthermore, TV Bingo shows have other aspects of entertainment, such as singers or comedians for their guests. It is also good because you invest in one or multiple cards and you don’t have to have an open account online.
Millions of people play bingo in such a way.

Even though so many people are “going nuts” about this game, it is said that the jackpot ranks fifth in the reasons why players join Bingo. It turned out that the top reason why people play Bingo is entertainment. Game Bingo also considerably alleviates stress, especially since people enjoy distracting themselves why socializing.